May 26, 2006

Aptus 75 Digital Camera Back Wins TIPA 2006 Award

The Leaf Aptus 75 digital camera back has been awarded the prestigious ‘best digital camera back in Europe 2006’ Award. The award will be presented on the opening day of Photokina 2006 in Köln, Germany.
The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) was founded in 1991 as an independent, non-profit Association of European photo and imaging magazines. At present, with 31 member magazines from twelve countries, TIPA is by far the largest and most influential photo and imaging press association in Europe. Once a year, all the editors and/or technical editors meet to vote for the “Best Photo and Imaging Products in Europe”.
With its 33.3 MP sensor and 7.2-micron pixel size, the LEAF Aptus 75 camera back provides rich detail and color, striking highlights and shadows, and a high dynamic range, all ensuring exceptional, state-of-the-art image quality. The spacious 6 × 7-cm touch screen allows quick and easy access to the settings needed by professional photographers both before and during the shoot.
Dov Kalinski, General Manager, Leaf, Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group (GCG) said, “We are very pleased to have won this prestigious and independent award. The award is evidence of the relentless drive on the part of Leaf to continue to provide our clients, who are top professional photographers, with a solution that achieves the quality and features they expect from Leaf.”
The Leaf Aptus 75 camera back increases productivity, giving photographers the luxury of leaving technical issues aside and concentrating on their images. It features an extended ISO range from 50 – 800. With its manageable file sizes, users can easily and smoothly process, send, and maintain their files. The large choice of storage options, including the 30 GB Digital Magazine, makes portable photography more flexible than ever before.
Leading commercial and fashion photographers worldwide benefit from the Leaf Aptus camera back’s quality, speed, and flexibility. It comes with a wide range of preshoot options that make it easy to create camera and file settings as well as to edit images during the shoot. The camera back is certified for a wide range of medium and large format cameras and is compatible with most external hard drives. It uses standard external batteries, and its uncompressed files are compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

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