August 18, 2001

512MB Transcend CompactFlash Memory Card Announcement

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In August 2001, Transcend Information, Inc. announced that CompactFlash Memory Card Capacity Leaps Ahead to 512MB
Now, businessmen can carry a library of information in their pocket, and professional digital photographers can get an entire photo shoot on a single memory card. Transcend has doubled the available capacity on a single Transcend CompactFlash Memory Card to 512MB. In addition, all Transcend flash memory cards are now in a newly designed package, makes it even easier to spot Transcend flash memory on retailers's shelves.
CompactFlash is the world's most popular removable mass storage device. CompactFlash was designed based on the popular PC Card (PCMCIA) standard, and the technology has resulted in the introduction of a new class of advanced, small, lightweight, low-power, mobile products that has significantly increased the productivity and enhanced the lifestyle of millions of people. These mobile products include: digital cameras, digital MP3 players, handheld PCs, personal communicators, automobile PCs with GPS, digital voice recorders, digital photo printers, medical monitoring equipment, and many other devices.
With the rapid increase in the number of devices using CompactFlash memory cards, and people'ss enhanced reliance on them, capacity, stability, and reliability are the major factors users consider when selecting a flash memory. Roy Wong, product manager for Transcend stated: "Transcend's 512MB CompactFlash Memory Card uses 4 1Gbit NAND Type flash memory chips with a high performance controller. The read speed is up to 5.2MB/sec and the write speed is up to 3.2MB/sec. The 512MB CompactFlash Memory Card also passed compatibility test to ensure users a hassle-free, worry-free digital life experience."
With the announcement of the new 512MB CompactFlash Memory Card, Transcend also presents new packaging for Transcend's flash memory products, including CompactFlash Memory Cards, SmartMedia Memory Cards and MultiMediaCard Memory Cards. The newly designed packaging comes with a user's manual, a warranty card, and a hard plastic memory card-carrying case, that helps users get the most out of their flash memory. The carrying case is specially designed for users to hold and protect the flash memory card during transportation. Once in this case, the memory card can be safely carried in a pocket, briefcase, purse, backpack, and etc.