July 13, 2001

World of Print Media: DVD by Print Media Academy of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

The Print Media Academy of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is publishing a new learning software package entitled "World of Print Media". This is a multimedia reference work that offer comprehensive expertise from the graphic arts industry. As an interactive learning software that also doubles up as a source of reference, it is intended primarily for students, trainees and newcomers to the graphic industry who want to extend and test their knowledge. It is also invaluable for anyone working with print media who wants to understand the various processes involved. 

World of Print Media comes as a DVD-ROM or a set of 5 CD-ROMs. It is available in English and German and costs around 160 Euro. 

World of Print Media
Illustration: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

World of Print Media consists of several sections. The "Statistics & Trends" section provides up-to-date statistical data of how the various print media compare with other media. A further section explains how printing has developed over the years and is continuing to develop. The principles of printing are explained using historical shots of old "presses" and today's industrial printshop solutions. The individual stages and aspects involved in producing print media prepress, press, postpress, inks, vanishes and printing stock are dealt with on a neutral basis and are not specific to any given manufacturer. The trends for the future are dealt with across a broad sweep. The program explains how print and IT are merging to create successful, Internet-based business models. The explanations are underpinned by facts and figures. For example, over 350 million users worldwide used the Internet in the year 2000. This figure is expected to rise to 765 million by the year 2005. A look at tomorrow's print and media businesses examines customers' future needs and how technology will answer these. Process optimization through networking and greater integration will be at the forefront in this development. 

Finally, the various Heidelberg products are covered briefly in a product-specific part which explains the individual components. 

"We regard e-learning instruments such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and the Inter-net as a medium for augmenting conventional training units", explains Wolfgang Eisele, Head of the Print Media Academy. "Electronic media can be used to pre-pare students, thereby reducing the length of conventional seminars," adds Eisele. The benefits for students are obvious - they not only save time and costs and increase efficiency, but also allow students to learn whenever and wherever they want. The virtual classroom is global and knows no national frontiers or linguistic barriers. 


July 9, 2001

Cambo Wide DS Camera System

Cambo Wide DS Multiformat Camera System

Cambo introduces its new Cambo Wide DS, a portable, multiformat camera system that is sure to be a favorite among architectural and landscape photographers, especially those who have enjoyed the previous generations of CamboWide cameras. 

Cambo Wide DS Camera 
with Schneider Super Angulon Lens
Photo Courtesy Cambo

The DS is a compact 4x5 camera that accepts a variety of wide-angle lenses, and now provides "double-shift" movements — rise-and-fall and lateral shifts — which are perfect for anyone shooting exteriors and interiors, cityscapes and landscapes. The movements are precision-geared with positive-locking knobs. Movements are incorporated in the body of the camera, making it unlike the previous Wide, where the lens panel had an internal shift. Both movements have a precise millimeter scale for exact positioning.

Compared to other large format cameras, the Cambo Wide DS is extremely compact, portable and easy to operate. In addition to 4x5 sheet film holders, the Wide DS accepts 120 roll film holders that open up your shooting options to 6x4.5, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12cm formats. A new 4x5 rotating back makes it easy to switch formats from horizontal to vertical.

"Cambo has done it again," Calumet International Product Manager Guy Shirm proclaimed. "They've taken a unique product and made it better. With the Cambo Wide DS you get a portable 4x5 (or roll film) wide-angle camera that uses the finest German optics and not only rise-and-fall but rear shift as well. This camera will be great for the backpacking photographer as well as the architectural photographer."

For plenty of wide-angle versatility, the Wide DS system offers a choice of four lenses that each feature different coverage characteristics. The Schneider Super Angulon 38mm XL, 47mm XL, 58mm XL and 72mm XL include helical focusing mounts on interchangeable lens plates. All lens plates have protective covers on guide bars around the front and the back for safe transport.

For additional shooting convenience, the Cambo Wide DS accepts a wide variety of Cambo accessories. A new optical viewfinder has been designed with a 120° viewing angle to ensure usage with all available lenses and film formats. The camera will also accept a range of viewing hoods, center filters, Polaroid and double-sheet film holders.

The Cambo Wide DS is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy for maximum stability, smooth and precise movements and lightweight portability. The convenient hand grip is made of handsome wood with rounded corners for a secure and safe grip and features a built-in cable release. Three internal spirit levels make it easy to level the camera for horizontal and vertical alignment, which is very important for critical architecture work. Aluminum parts are either anodized to prevent corrosion or painted with a black metallic paint for protection from the elements. For direct tripod mounting, a 3/8" thread is provided, but the camera is also compatible with Cambo’s quick-release system used with the CBH-5 QR Ball Heads.

The Cambo Wide DS is available through the Cambo international network of distributors.

Cambo's Web Site: www.cambo.com