November 14, 2000

Leica Camera AG Calendar 2001

Leica Camera AG has printed an impressive black-and-white wall calendar entitled 'My point of View' for the year 2001. The high-quality prints feature the work of six internationally successful Leica photographers, who have each chosen two of their favorite photos expressing personal points of view. The range of subjects is wide, extending from journalistic photos of Siberia and the Kosovo to nude photography and portraits of world-famous models. A tribute to the photographic artists who use their Leica camera with virtuosic creativity. Owners of this special calendar will be able to share their enjoyment of it as all the pictures reappear on the last page of the calendar as detachable postcards. The calendar is 43 x 59 cm in size, and is available at Leica stockists. The following photographers have contributed to the 2001 calendar: Bryan Adams Bryan Adams' photographic career began 3 years ago when he had the idea of taking the photos for his CD covers himself. Today he photographs famous celebrities from Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to Tina Turner for magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire or MAX. Adams works in natural light and adapts to the particular situation, turning stars into people. Claudine Doury ...began taking photographs in 1989. Her first highly acclaimed piece of work was a report on the nurses' strike in Paris. Since the early Nineties she has focused on Russia and its people, receiving the Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 1999 for her photographic essay on nomads in Siberia. She is a member of the VU agency and lives - unless she's away on a project - in Paris. Claus Bjorn Larsen ...Born in 1963, Larsen is the shooting star among contemporary press photographers. Having worked for the renowned Danish daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende since 1996, he recently caused an international stir with his reports on the Kosovo. He won several awards for his sensitive pictures in 1999, including a first prize of World Press Photo, the Visa d'Or and the Fuji European Award. Maik Scharfscheer ...Born in 1964, Maik Scharfscheer lives in Wetzlar. Apart from his main activity as industrial photographer (customers include Renault, Nike, Davidhoff und Sony) he also works on subjects of his own choice. He took his close-ups while staying in Marrakesch: without a lot of technical equipment, but with feeling for the people he was photographing. Striking portraits in black-and-white. Pall Stefansson ...studied photography in Sweden and now lives in Iceland as a freelance photographer. He works regularly for newspapers such as the Iceland Review or the ship magazine Atlantica. He is also interested in landscapes. Stefansson takes photos in both color and black-and-white. He has called his latest cycle "Earth/Fire/Water/Air". A tribute to the elemental powers of nature. Adolf Zika ...was born in 1972. He lives and works as a freelance photographer in Prague, specializing in fashion and beauty. He takes photographs for Versace and Hermés or Playboy. Most of all, Zika likes working in a natural environment. His pictures radiate joie de vivre and are the expression of a more natural treatment of the human body and eroticism. His choice of black-and-white film is also quite in keeping with the modern trend. Last update: 08-2009

November 5, 2000

Peter Saul: Heads 1986 - 2000, Nolan Eckman Gallery, NYC

Peter Saul: Heads 1986 - 2000
Nolan/Eckman Gallery, New York
November 3 – December 9, 2000

Peter Saul’s ruthlessly comic and politically incorrect drawings and paintings begin at the neck and continue maniacally upward, closely documenting quite alarming distortions. As the artist Carroll Dunham notes in his introduction to the show’s accompanying catalogue, “Saul’s visual thermostat is set high—the threshold of his pictorial circuits must blow the fuses of many contemporary eyeballs.”

Peter Saul’s lovingly constructed fantasies slalom through a course of Zap Comix, Pop art, Cubism, and Surrealism. After all, this is an artist whose stated aim is to reconcile de Kooning with Mad magazine. 

Peter Saul was born in 1934. He has recently returned to the New York area after nearly twenty years of living in Austin, Texas. This is his second show at Nolan/Eckman Gallery. 

Peter Saul
Peter Saul, Heads 1986 - 2000
Edited by David Nolan
Interview with Peter Saul by Carroll Dunham
68 pages, softcover, 20 color ill., 8.25 x 9 inches
Published by Nolan/Eckman Gallery, 2000.

560 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

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