February 25, 1999

Viggo Rivad Photographs Exhibition at Copenhagen Airport

Viggo Rivad large-format photo exhibition in the rail terminal at Copenhagen airport The state-of-the-art Kastrop station at the airport of the same name in Copenhagen is now playing host to a most unusual photo exhibition for about two years. Black-and-white pictures taken by Danish photographer Viggo Rivad with Leica cameras have been enlarged to a size of 2.20 x 3.30 metres and hung there over a stretch of 300 metres. The 32 photos were taken between 1948 and 1994 and were previously on display in the famous photography musuem in Odense. It is the first time that exclusive use has been made of photos for artistic decoration in a public building in Denmark. However, Viggo Rivad, born in Copenhagen in 1922, is no stranger in Scandinavia. After winning first prize in a photo competition as far back as 1948, he went on to compose photographic essays with pictures of Poland, Israel, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Venice, the Sahara, China , the Soviet Union, Yemen, Venezuela, Egypt and naturally his own country Denmark. In 1974 he was awarded a three-year grant by the Danish Association of Artists.