February 29, 1996

Bronica AE Prism Finder SQ-i for Bronica SQ-A, SQ-Am, SQ-Ai cameras

Bronica AE Prism Finder SQ-i

Bronica announced the new AE Prism Finder SQ-i, for the Bronica SQ-A, SQ-Am, and SQ-Ai cameras. The finder is the much awaited update of the original AE finder S, introduced at PMA in '83. The new AE finder mirrors the update for the ETRSi, the AE lll, and has nearly identical features.

The AE Prism Finder SQ-i is improved from top to bottom, with both cosmetic and performance enhancements. As with the original, it is a metered finder capable of manual or aperture priority automatic operation. But the updated finder has both center-weighted averaging metering cells, and a separate silicon photo cell for spot measurements. The spot meter measures a 12mm circle in the center of the finder for more select accuracy when desired. The EV range of the finder has been improved 4 stops, now providing EV 1-18. The AE accuracy has been enhanced to 12th stop increments in automatic.

The finder has replaced the LED style array with an easy to read LCD. The numerals can be seen comfortably in any working environment; when ambient light falls too low to illuminate the display, an automatic backlight renders the display legible. In addition, the LCD array uses a fraction of the battery power that the LED's use; not only will this conserve power, but will allow the finder to operate with marginal batteries longer.

Perhaps the greatest comfort feature of the new finder is the Variable Diopter, with a built in range of correction of -2.5 to +0.5, a three diopter range which will handle 90% of the eyes that view through this finder. For the exceptions, there are two optional "helper diopters", increasing the range from -5 to -2, and 0 to +3.

Other added bonuses include an auto exposure memory lock; which in auto holds a desired shutter speed for up to 60 seconds. A "clear" button is provided to cancel the memory, if desired. For long exposures in auto, an eyepiece shutter, or blind, can be engaged to block any stray light from skewing the exposure.

In addition to the compensation dials on the SQ style backs, there is a + or - 2 EV correction in 1/3 stop increments. This will allow for a consistent correction without regard to a film back change.

Two types of rubber eyecups are available; one low profile version for eyeglass wearers; and a large "shield" type for reducing extraneous light at the eyepiece. This was a request made often by pros.

In addition to all of the substantial technical improvements, the AE Prism Finder SQ-i exterior has been improved, providing a sleek, streamlined and rugged professional look.

Bronica Camera SQ-Basic - SQ-B

New Bronica Camera SQ-Basic - SQ-B

A new Bronica camera, the SQ-Basic, is being unveiled at the Photo Marketing Association annual -PMA- trade show. The camera is a simplified version of the popular 6x6 format SQ-Ai, and is targeted towards students and advanced professionals not needing some electronic features. This is the first new product introduced in the US since Tamron Co., Ltd. purchased Bronica last July, and Tamron Industries, Inc. assumed the US distribution of the line on February 1, 1996.

As the name suggests, the SQ-Basic, or SQ-B, has basic mechanical features that allow the camera to sell at a lower price range than the feature-packed SQ-Ai. The SQ-B accepts all of the original "S" and "PS" lenses, as well as a special 80mm PS/B lens made specifically for the camera. This lens is paint-coated, or alumite finished, similarly to the PG lenses for the GS-1, or the original "S" series, giving it a classy black matte color.

The SQ-B is a perfect choice for students who are being trained to use cameras without buil -in AE metering. The SQ-B will accept all of the SQ finders, including the AE, but does not activate the metering capability of any of these finders. Advanced pros who currently use their own specialized hand held meter will appreciate this more direct and cost effective approach.

The shutter release is completely mechanical, letting the user fire the camera with standard release at 1/500th second if the battery is unavailable, or exhausted. Normal shutter speeds range from 1/500th down to 8 seconds. The film winding crank is the SQ/SQ-A type, and the SQ-B will also accept Bronica's unique Speed Grip. In addition, it is mechanically compatible with all viewfinders (without AE features), backs, inserts (both 120 and 220), and focusing screens.

The SQ-B is packaged in an exclusive display box as a standard kit consisting of the Bronica SQ-B main camera body, a gold-imprinted SQ-B 120 film back without ISO dial, the new Zenzanon PS-B 80mm F/2.8 lens, and the SQ-B waist level finder. These components are not available individually as part of the marketing strategy.

February 28, 1996

Live Picture-Silicon Graphics Partnership

Live Picture and Silicon Graphics Expand Collaborative Development and Marketing Programs - Aggressive Development and Marketing Planned for Live Picture Network

Live Picture announces plans to broaden its development and marketing programs with Silicon Graphics, Inc. The companies have collaborated to develop and market Live Picture Network, a networked client/server solution designed to speed image editing and image-based document creation, review and production within and between organizations. Targeting the publishing industry as a key market, SiliconPRESS, the organization within Silicon Graphics established to further its solutions in this industry, will work with Live Picture to market Live Picture Network.

"The Silicon Graphics CHALLENGE and Indy servers offer superior performance, flexibility and reliability, and are an integral element of the Live Picture Network solution for networked imaging," said John Sculley, acting CEO at Live Picture, Inc. "We chose to work closely with Silicon Graphics because of its shared commitment to the publishing industry and creative professionals."

SiliconPRESS' marketing efforts include a 22-city cross country tour to demonstrate numerous networked imaging solutions, and is largely focused on the Live Picture Network solution. Both Live Picture, Inc. and Silicon Graphics' sales channels will actively market and sell Live Picture Network.

"With the adoption of a complete digital workflow, the server becomes the critical element to manage information in a publishing organization," said Tom Furlong, vice president and general manager for Silicon Graphics Digital Media Systems Division. "By combining the remote imaging technology of Live Picture Network with Indy graphics servers and CHALLENGE network servers, our customers should realize tremendous creative freedom and production efficiencies between their creative staffs and their color trade shop facilities."

The companies also worked closely on a Live Picture Network pilot project at the headquarters of J. Walter Thompson, a leading advertising agency in New York. In addition, Live Picture, Silicon Graphics, Apple, Kodak, and Sprint will conduct a joint exhibit showing workflow solutions at the American Association of Advertising Agencies, to be held April 25-26 in Indian Wells, CA.

Live Picture Network provides a solution for centralized image processing, image/document database management, and an integrated collaborative workflow between creative, production, and pre-press professionals. Live Picture's resolution-independent, real time display capabilities, combined with Silicon Graphics' desktop workstations and network servers, provide unparalleled support for distributed image review, editing and approval, while minimizing bandwidth consumption.