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February 4, 2011

Taguchui Yukihiro - 2011 MAM Project - Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

MAM Project 014: Taguchui Yukihiro 
Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
18 March - 3 July, 2011

The Berlin-based artist TAGUCHUI YUKIHIRO (born 1980, Osaka, Japan) has garnered much attention in recent years for his unique PERFORMATIVE INSTALLATIONS, which combine elements of drawing, performance, animation and installation. Taguchi Yukihiro's humorous and quick-paced artworks are made using the oldest form of animation, stop motion, and while they appear to be the result of chance, they have in fact been carefully planned and are closely controlled. Just as the word “animation” has its origins in the Latin word “anima,” meaning spirit or soul Taguchi Yukihiro’s artistic creation appears to imbue everyday objects, such as furniture and even the foorboards in his studio, with spirits of their own.

Moment-performative spazierens, 2008  
Kreuzberg, Berlin 
Photos: (c) Taguchi Yukihiro 

 TAGUCHUI YUKIHIRO, Installation, taking foor out 
Waldemerstrasse, Berlin at Galereie air garten

 TAGUCHUI YUKIHIRO, Installation, coming out of the window 
Waldemerstrasse, Berlin at Galereie air garten

 TAGUCHUI YUKIHIRO, Installation, extended benches 
Oranienplatz, Berlin

TAGUCHUI YUKIHIRO, Event, picnic/barbeque 
Mariannenplatz, Berlin

At MAM Project 014, the white walls of the Mori Art Museum galleries will make their way out into Roppongi Hills and beyond. The work, which also brings life to the city's void spaces, will be shown in a constant state of progress. The white walls, which in the video will be seen frolicking through the town, will continue to undergo changes within the MAM Project gallery, too. Just like we ourselves never experience two days that are exactly the same, the gallery walls will also change from day to day. Life itself is a succession of moments, and Taguchi Yukihiro’s works tell us how to animate each of them to the full. 

Curated by KATAOKA MAMI, Chief Curator at the Mori Art Museum

53F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
6-10-1 Roppongi


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