November 15, 2010

iPad app to present your portfolio

MEDL Mobile Introduces Its Newest App for the iPad "MediaPad Pro"




MEDL Mobile in conjunction with photographer Craig Orsini have created MediaPad Pro, an app for the iPad for the presentation of professional portfolios. MediaPad Pro brings a dynamic new approach to the way photographers, artists, models, designers, actors and directors are able to present, display and share their portfolios or catalogues. The app comes equipped with features such as a fully customizable interface, taking anyone's work to the next level by offering instant access to showcase a selection of work and even edit presentations on the spot.

MediaPad Pro is fully customizable and the definition of ease with effortless editing. Simply start by entering your professional contact information and you are ready to begin uploading an unlimited amount of static images (print), audio files, video files and digital/website files. MediaPad Pro blends the mobility and format of your book with the instant advantages of a website.

Notice a mistake or decide you prefer a different photo or color? Easily make instant corrections by swapping out the piece you choose, adjusting the color palette or modifying the font scheme and background images. MediaPad Pro allows you to automate your portfolio into a seamless presentation and eliminate the expensive cost of paper stock, print runs, bulky portfolio cases and the time-consuming preparation.

The man behind this app, Craig Orsini, has been a professional photographer since the early days of digital; jumping on board in the 90s when he opened a still life studio in Boston. However, while the precision of still life spoke to the organized side of his brain, his sense of humor and love of people were severely undernourished. By 2000 Orsini made the decision to begin concentrating on large productions with people and humor as a central focus. The idea caught on and a profile in PDN and a handful of awards quickly followed with work featured in Archive, Communication Arts and The Kelly Awards.

Additional features include:

- Hyperlinked digital files for live demonstrations
- Fully customizable interface
- Guest Registry with PDF/XLSX export option
- Slideshow options with transitions and timing for a seamless presentation
- MediaPad Pro tutorial section with walkthroughs and helpful tips.

MediaPad Pro is available now at and at app store.

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