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June 5, 2009

Omega Pro-Lab B66 Photo Enlarger

Ancient Darkroom's Equipment Category > Photo Enlarger > Omega > 1970s
Main features of the Omega Pro-Lab B66
  • 35mm and 2¼'' films formats' enlarger
  • The springloaded film carrier opens wide when user lift the lamphouse for an easer advancement of the film without disturbing its aligment
  • The lamphouse assembly is counterbalanced for more smooth and easier movement.
  • A sliding panel allows instant access to the lamp, condensers and filter drawer.
  • Rigid, inclined girder keeps negative and baseboard perfectly aligned.
  • The B66 comes with three condensers, for good light distribution with films to 35mm; or switch to two condensers to match the 2¼'' format optical requirement.

Optional accessories

  • Dichroic color head and dial in the exact filtration needed for color or variable contrast printing.
  • "Two-Lens Outfit" for 2¼''-square and 35mm formats.

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