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June 1, 2007

First Full-Frame Ultrawide 28mm Medium Format Lens

Mamiya Introduces the World’s First Full-Frame Ultrawide 28mm Medium Format Lens for use with Film and Digital Backs.
Mamiya announce the second in a new series of high-resolution medium format lenses designed for use in the digital world... the Mamiya Sekor AF 28mm f/4.5 D Lens.
This newest entry in the Sekor D Lens series is a full-frame, ultrawide lens that utilizes the latest aspheric lens technology to produce high resolution and large image circle coverage for film and digital backs. Since wide angle lenses can cause color shift problems with digital backs (due to the extreme angle at which light rays hit the sensor), the Mamiya 28mm f/4.5 D has been designed to direct light onto the digital sensor at an angle that is ideal for digital photography.
Mamiya Sekor lenses have been admired by both medium format and 35mm film camera users for their superior quality,” says Jeff Karp, Mamiya Product Marketing Manager, “and now this legacy will continue as Mamiya meets and exceeds current optical standards for modern photographic lenses.
Unlike conventional design lenses, the 28mm f/4.5 Sekor D was designed with the requirement that it works with digital and film systems.
Mamiya remains committed to our medium format users, both digital and film-based,” says Jeff Karp, Mamiya Product Marketing Manager, “Our cameras work with both media types, so it’s appropriate that our lenses perform at the same standards.”
The Mamiya Sekor AF 28mm f/4.5 D is ideal for a wide range of applications, including commercial, architectural and outdoor photography.

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