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February 20, 2007

French Films and Filmmakers at IFFR 2007




French cinema will once again enjoy a place of honour at the 36th Rotterdam Film Festival, starring great actresses and filmmakers together with numerous representatives of the variety and the talent of emerging French cinema as well as many co-productions with southern countries.

French actress BULLE OGIER, muse of the author's cinema, from Bunuel to Rivette, will revere the Festival with her presence to support BELLE TOUJOURS, a French Portuguese co-production by a grand Master of world cinema, MANUEL DE OLIVEIRA.

After having both been honoured by the IFFR with a retrospective of their essential contribution to world filmmaking, BENOIT JACQUOT, Filmmaker in focus 2005, and JEAN-CLAUDE BRISSEAU, Filmmaker in focus 2003, will return to the Festival to present their last opuses. BENOIT JACQUOT will be attending Rotterdam with ISILD LE BESCO, starring in his most recent production L'INTOUCHABLE. The actress's remarkable performance of an identity quest in India has been distinguished by the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the last Venice Film Festival.

JEAN-CLAUDE BRISSEAU, together with his young actress MARIE ALLAN, will be lining up in the Maestros: Kings and Aces section with LES ANGES EXTERMINATEURS, his newest sulfurous production with a background of scandal and legal proceedings around the film's groundwork.

Other Masters of French cinema will also take the trip to Rotterdam to present their latest pictures in the Maestros: Kings and Aces section: OTAR IOSSELIANI with JARDINS EN AUTOMNE, starring Michel Piccoli disguised as an old women, as well as the iconoclastic LUC MOULLET with his latest feature, PRESTIGE DE LA MORT.

As each year, the new generation of French filmmakers will be attending to meet Rotterdam’s public and professionals with challenging and bright productions topping the bill in the Sturm und Drang section: the Tübingen Festival awarded 7 ANS by JEAN-PASCAL HATTU, COWBOY ANGELS, first feature by KIM MASSEE, PARDONNEZ-MOI by MAÏWENN as well as BEAU MATIN by Charlotte and David LOWE.

The renewed video artist ARIANE MICHEL will present her first feature, LES HOMMES. DOUGLAS GORDON and PHILIPPE PARRENO’ film ZIDANE: UN PORTRAIT DU XXI SIECLE, will be also shown in Rotterdam. A unique experience of a live football match with the world star, at the crossroads between sport cinema and art.
Last but not least, CLAIRE SIMON will be upholding her movie ÇA BRULE, also selected in Cannes 06 Director’s fortnight.

Underlining the leading role of France in world cinema, numerous French co-productions are again selected in all sections of the Rotterdam Film Festival 2007. Among them, the critic’s praised BAMAKO, by ABDERRAHMANE SISSAKO, one of this edition’s two ‘Filmmakers in Focus’, BLED NUMBER ONE by the RABAH AMEUR-ZAIMECHE (Algeria), DARATT by MAHAMAT-SALEH HAROUN (Chad), the French-Congo production KINSHASA PALACE by ZEKA LAPLAINE and WWW-WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD by Moroccan filmmaker FAOUZI BENSAïDI. All filmmakers will be attending the IFFR to present their films.

February 18, 2007

David LaChapelle: Awakened at Tony Shafrazi Gallery


DAVID LACHAPELLE unveils his latest series of photographs in his exhibition, AWAKENED, at the TONY SHAFRAZI GALLERY in NEW YORK on February 24th from 6pm until 8pm.

Awakened is an exhibition of LaChapelle's new and iconic works. The show introduces a selection of his most recent photography series. Inspired by the biblical narrative of the great flood, David LaChapelle injects the apocalyptic narrative with his own intense modernity.

Thirty of David LaChapelle's iconic images will serve as an introduction to his years of photographic social commentary. The juxtaposition of the old works and new will give the effect of a before the flood and after, continuing the narrative quality of his work.

Awakened serves as a poignant title to the exhibition, as the works and career of David LaChapelle take a new turn. The show will serve as an arrival at a new chapter in LaChapelle's photography as he develops the subject matter of future works.

With the help of his longtime producer, Fred Torres, David LaChapelle has the support of the industry's most influential and well-known Gallery's and Museums. Currently, LaChapelle's works are hanging in two exhibitions in Berlin at the HELMUT NEWTON FOUNDATION and the renowned RAFAEL JABLONKA GALERIE.

In Milan, The full series of his new works will be unveiled in a large-scale LaChapelle show that the city of Milan plans to have in September. The exhibition planned will be shown at its premier art museum, the PALAZZO REALE. Fred Torres will curate his first show alongside celebrated curator, Gianni Mercurio. Mercurio is well known for his sensational exhibition, The Basquiat Show at the Milan Triennale.

The exhibition Awakened runs from February 24th at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery at 544 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001




February 24 - August 3, 2007

New York


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February 11, 2007

A Life in Camera Work. Photographs from Five Decades by Gerald H. Robinson

Photo (c) Gerald H. Robinson - All rights reserved

"The book contains some of my best work from over fifty years of serious (and sometimes humorous) photography" - Gerald H. Robinson. Color and monochrome. 120 pages.
Tables of Contents
  • Landscape and Nature
  • People and Portrait
  • Nudes
  • Abstractions
  • Towns and Cities
  • Publish Date: February 10, 2007
  • Dimensions: Standard Portrait - 120 pgs
  • Softcover: $32.45
  • Hardcover, Dust Jacket: $45.95
  • Category: Arts & Photography
  • Tags: Abstractions, Cities, Landscapes, Nudes, People
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February 5, 2007

Gamme Ilford Inkjet Photo Paper

Avec cette nouvelle gamme de papier photo pour imprimante numérique, Ilford vise le marché grand public auquel son nom n'a pas toujours été associé.
Cette nouvelle gamme Ilford Inkjet Photo Paper dispose d'un code couleur facilitant l'identification de catégorie de papier : "Good" (Rose, 160g/m² & 200g/m²) pour un usage courant, "Better" (Argent, 250g/m²) pour l'aspect et le toucher des photos traditionnelles et "Best" (Or, 270g/m²) pour une qualité encore supérieure à celle des photos traditionnelles.
Cinq applications clefs ont été créées regroupant des produits fabriqués par Ilford et le Groupe Oji Paper (qui a racheté la division papier numérique en 2005) :
􀂉 La gamme ILFORD Premium Plus assure aux images l'aspect et le toucher des photos traditionnelles avec un grammage supérieur. Elle est constituée d'un papier professionnel, à séchage instantané, disponible en surface brillante ou perlée, spécifique à Ilford, en formats allant du 10x15cm au A3+. La gamme Premium Plus permet à l'utilisateur d’imprimer ses plus belles images, avec un rendu professionnel, afin de les placer dans un album ou de les encadrer.
􀂉 La gamme Premium Photo a été spécialement conçue pour donner aux impressions l’aspect et le rendu authentique d’une photo argentique. Elle est constituée d'un papier de haute qualité, à séchage instantané, disponible en surface brillante ou satinée et en formats allant du 10x15cm au A3+. C'est une gamme idéale pour réaliser des images à glisser directement dans l’album photo, à encadrer ou bien destinées au "scrapbooking".
􀂉 La gamme ILFORD Photo a été conçue pour produire des images d'excellente qualité en toutes circonstances. Elle comprend un papier à séchage instantané, disponible en surface brillante ou satinée, en formats 10x15cm et A4. Cette gamme convient pour imprimer les photos souvenirs à partager avec la famille et les amis.
􀂉 La gamme de produits ILFORD Office est adaptée aux applications de bureautique, à la maison comme au bureau. Elle comprend des étiquettes CD/DVD, des cartes de visite et un papier mat double face. Ce support spécifique est disponible en format A4 et permet de personnaliser nombre d'applications bureautiques en leur apportant une touche professionnelle et originale.
􀂉 La gamme ILFORD Create permet à chacun d’explorer et de mettre à profit sa créativité. Elle comprend le papier Beaux Arts mat, 100% chiffon "Fine Art Matt Paper" ainsi qu’un choix de cartes de voeux pré-pliées avec enveloppes imprimables pour personnaliser tous les évènements importants.

February 2, 2007

DIFC - Gulf Art Fair Partnership Dubai

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) enters partnership with the Gulf Art Fair

Dubai International Financial Centre Building
Photo of DIFC building © DIFC – Courtesy DIFC

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Gulf Art Fair (8-10 March 2007) announced a strategic partnership that will develop the DIFC Gulf Art Fair into a major annual event and a significant new platform for international contemporary art.

HE Dr. Omar Bin Sulaiman, Governor of the DIFC, said: “The Dubai International Financial Centre, which possesses a significant art collection of its own, believes wholeheartedly in supporting the development of Dubai as a regional and international centre for the arts and the development of art in the region. Just as the DIFC has become a truly international gateway for capital, the DIFC Gulf Art Fair is positioned to become a global gateway for the arts. We are very pleased to join in leading this worthy initiative.”

Recognising the increasing significance of the art market as an investment vehicle, and as part of its strategy to create a world-class financial centre, the DIFC will be the first financial center to create a location dedicated to art commerce. The DIFC Gulf Art Fair aims to become one of the top five contemporary art fairs worldwide within three years, and will provide the first stage in a plan to establish Dubai as the most important centre for art commerce in Asia and one likely to rival London and New York within a decade.

Providing both a zero-tax environment as well as unparalleled access between Europe, Africa, The Middle East and South Asia, Dubai offers an ideal focal point for the booming Asian art market to become established. A working party will gather expert advice to develop specific areas of the art market within the DIFC and its report will be published at the inaugural DIFC Gulf Art Fair in March. In addition a three-day Global Art Forum will bring together regional and international artists, writers, curators and academics to discuss a framework for the encouragement and promotion of art within the UAE and the region.

Fair Director, John Martin said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Dubai International Financial Centre on this important project. It emphasises the increasingly close ties that exist between the international contemporary art market and the financial sector. The partnership is a significant and unique project in which a major financial institution will take an active role using the platform of art commerce to help construct a cohesive cultural strategy relevant for Dubai and the wider region. In bringing the international art market to Dubai, the DIFC will lay the necessary foundations for the region’s flourishing art scene to develop at the highest level.”.

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