November 30, 2005

Macworld Digital Photography Superguide

The first Macworld e-book is dedicaced to digital photography


IDG’s Macworld introduced a new method of delivery for its content with the announcement of The Macworld Digital Photography Superguide. This electronic-only book (e-book) will guide readers through every step of the photography process from buying the right camera to capturing the perfect shot to organizing, editing, and printing photos. The e-book is available online now at Macworld web site for $12.95. At more than 100 pages in length, Macworld’s first e-book takes advantage of the magazine’s leadership in helping Mac users understand one of the most popular topics in the computer market today.

“For more than a year our readers have been asking for more information about digital photography,” said Jason Snell, Macworld’s Editorial Director. “We’ve answered those requests with numerous feature stories, reviews, and even a dedicated Digital Photo column in the magazine every month. It only made sense to take everything we’ve learned about digital photography and make it available in one place.”

The Macworld Digital Photography Superguide was edited by Macworld Senior Editor Kelly Turner, who compiled the best of Macworld’s digital photography coverage over the past few years and turned to an all-star group of Macworld contributors to update, enhance, and expand the information into a timely, up-to-date compendium. Among the book’s contributors are noted authors Bruce Fraser, Jim Heid, Christopher Breen, Derrick Story, Dan Frakes, Rob Griffiths, Ben Willmore, and Joe Kissell.


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